I know fediverse let's all take the 56k challenge

that's when you use the internet at 56k only, for like a week

@kaniini i forfeit

@kaniini let me see how to disable LTE and 3G on my T-Mobile phone

GPRS is close enough right

@kaniini basically just use i2p only and you're set.

@kaniini I say web developers should be forced to take it

@kaniini ill pass

@kaniini I'll start posting results right away!

@kaniini 56K? That's what # feels like already.

@kaniini Of course, I also say that web developers should be forced to use a low-res screen and slow CPU and not much RAM.

Fun fact: Windows 10 requires 1 GHz (with SSE2 and NX - that actually rules a lot of super-shitty hardware out unfortunately), 2 GiB RAM for new devices (1 GiB for existing devices), and 800x600.

@Elizafox @kaniini I used to use GPRS only for a few years; the N900 has T-Mobile 3G bands but my carrier used AT&T bands; and there's certainly no LTE

tbh It was fine

@kaniini adblock image block all the things

@kaniini I was doing this by accident earlier but then I thought to reboot my modem

@kaniini i think i'll pass, i remember those days and hey were rough

@kaniini does using dummynet(4) to slow down count?

@saper sure

@kaniini I spent enough time on <=56k for a lifetime already tbh.

@kaniini on S60v1

@kaniini only after the web developers do it so i don't have to suffer due to their bloat.

@kaniini that was my life from July 2012-July 2017

@kaniini Wait a minute, the VIA C7s all have SSE2 and NX.

And the VX855 chipset that the Eden ULVs are often paired with has WDDM drivers. So, this can boot a current OS release, and even has driver support.

I'm thinking you get an EPIA P720, a slow 4200 RPM hard drive, a gig of RAM, and an 800x600 display. Enjoy!

@noelle I'm sorry

@kaniini Have used a hotspot which is basically it for 3~4 years.
But yeah, people should take this challenge, specially web and game developers.

@kaniini my condolences. May your bandwidth rest in peace