just to be absolutely clear williampitcock dot com is definitely NOT me, and is the same people who operate bryanostregaard dot com and mattstrout dot com. they are attacking freenode staffers, past and present.

@kaniini Hey at least if they are in the USA, and any of you all identify them, you can sue them personally for per-se defamation.

@cj @kaniini does anyone know what they’re actually on about? The only thing I heard was anger at PIA buying up some open source projects, but this seems like a lot of effort to “protect the sanctity of open source”...

@abyxcos @cj

these people are mad that they keep getting k:lined

@kaniini @cj oh, that’s much more boring.

@kaniini Sorry to hear that you are having to deal with that kind of shite mate.

@abyxcos @cj

indeed: do shit that gets you k-lined and then get mad over being k-lined. strange world I guess.

What actions got them K-Lined and what in general is a K-Linable offense?
@abyxcos @cj

@kaniini out of curious, have you taken steps to at least shut down the site?

@redsteakraw @kaniini @abyxcos Public defamation of freenode ops and their defenders by hosting fake websites at domains containing their real names. Subsequently spamming IRC channels using bot networks.