The mastoverse, as part of an assignment for a uni subject. More visualizations soon

A graph showing Mastodon instances and how they are interconnected

@fdavidcl does it use the number of connected instances?

@fdavidcl and what are the colors?

@fdavidcl what's up with the different colors?

@angristan Nope, it's finding individual connections between instances by counting users from one instance following those from another (only a small sample of users though, the fediverse is too big for that)

@angristan Apparent communities according to the modularity measure

@brainblasted They're apparent communities computed via modularity class in Gephi

@fdavidcl oh interesting

@fdavidcl do one with the whole fediverse 🍻

@fdavidcl 1) its hilarious how many versions of the word mastodon are in this graph

2) is size based on number of connections or number of users?


Since everyone is asking, I'll answer here and hope people can see this:
- Node colors mean communities found with the modularity measure (e.g. blue instances are mostly japanese ones)
- Node sizes mean number of connections, not number of users

Full PDF:

@fdavidcl How do you collect the data?

@fdavidcl hey, I can see my house from here!

That said, as others have noted, fediverse, not mastoverse 😛 I run pleroma

@fdavidcl How big does an instance have to be to be on that?

@Siedge @fdavidcl
>bunch of one-user and friends-only instances

@Skoll3 @Siedge @fdavidcl Yeah I've got 5 people on mine or so, and I'm the only one who's super active

@pea @Siedge @fdavidcl
i did find your instance
but i could not find shigu
Outer circle is so damn clustered, that i can't read it

@Skoll3 @Siedge @fdavidcl It's a little easier if you download the PDF

@Skoll3 @fdavidcl @pea Yeah I don't see mine either

@Siedge @fdavidcl @Skoll3 for what it's worth, I'm pretty sure I'm only there because Mike Cole follows me, since it looks like my only line is coming from

@pea @Siedge @fdavidcl dunno
i got mike cole too

@Skoll3 @Siedge @fdavidcl luck of the draw, then? :p

@pea @Siedge @fdavidcl @Skoll3
are we even connected to anything over here? can't tell X_X

@shmibs @Siedge @fdavidcl @Skoll3 y'all seem to be connected to and

@Skoll3 @shmibs @Siedge @fdavidcl well, yeah, I think what was being asked was what was connected to on the map

@Skoll3 @pea @Siedge @fdavidcl
no yeah, saw us there; just so many lines x-x

maybe the lines don't even need to be here, seem pretty meaningless if it's closer to everyone connected to everyone, yeh

@pea @shmibs @Siedge @fdavidcl
you were right
PDF is searchable

@Skoll3 @pea @Siedge
i guess soykaf isn't here because of blocklist stuff though maybe...

@fdavidcl did you measure this with like .social as a starting-node?

@shmibs @Skoll3 @Siedge @fdavidcl no, soykaf's there

@pea @Skoll3 @Siedge @fdavidcl
oh, you're right, just inside like three other things x-x

@shmibs @Skoll3 @Siedge @fdavidcl it's just impossible to read. It's two to the right of

@shmibs @Skoll3 @Siedge @fdavidcl it's sort of funny how misleadingly far into the JP portion of the map, though, considering i'm not really connection to any of them but

@shmibs @Skoll3 @Siedge @fdavidcl I'm definitely more in the circle

maybe we should form an alliance?

@shmibs what would it be called, though?

@Skoll3 @pea @shmibs @Siedge @fdavidcl

> the weeb neighborhood

generating possible names....

@shmibs Hmmm, so we've got the Lewd (, the Cute (, the Wired (soykaf), the Weeb (niu), and the Cole (

@fdavidcl >

This is one is not a mastodon instance but a pleroma one and there is probably other, so it’s the fediverse not the mastoverse…

@lanodan @fdavidcl hey look it's me!

@pea @shmibs don't forget the Cool (me).

@fdavidcl @brainblasted please explain for someone who knows that Gephi exists and not much more

@fdavidcl It would be interesting (and easy) to see how well the apparent communities line up with language groups, or whether there's other influences that dominate first.

@fdavidcl >mastoverse

thats called fediverse OK

@pizzaiolo @fdavidcl

Why only masto?

@fdavidcl It's interesting that you chose to size by connections; that makes my single*-user instance comparable in size to and, just because my instance has been around for a long time.

(* reported users are 6; a few bots and a few inactive accounts of friends)

@fdavidcl I like yours better honestly. I used graphviz to make mine

@fdavidcl are you sharing your code/tool for building this?

@satchmoz The graph is based on people following other people across instances, that's why it still appears. is there somewhere too blob_laughing

@fdavidcl wow that blew up

@fdavidcl I don't understand why isn't huge considering their federation bot

@angristan Because I have very little data probably. I can't scan every user in every instance, instead it's just counting the people followed by Gargron and the people followed by all of those, so it's a "small" sample and there's bias.

@fdavidcl oh ok thinking_dump

@staticsafe How is your instance so large on this map when you're only one person?

@fdavidcl nice visualization, you might ping @scott and the other folks at about these. I'm sure they'd love to encourage students doing visualizations.

@alphakamp The tool for the visualization is Gephi I will probably share the script to obtain the data, when I finish the analysis

@fdavidcl reminds me of a yin yang ☯️

@shoeberto where's straylight

@rubah This is the worst Where's Waldo book yet.

@fdavidcl please tell me there's an interactive version of this!

@fdavidcl What are the colors?

Impressive that you beat out almost all other instances. Most of which have lots of users. Wow.

@ted @fdavidcl indeed! Thanks for sharing this, and encourage your classmates to check out :)

@samtoland @fdavidcl

Bottom right of upper left quadrant.

@fdavidcl @samtoland I'm curious about the meaning of colour references.

how did you do that?


you got a larger image of that/pdf?

@wakest I removed it already. however, it was down at a user account /instance level. If I were to regenerate it, it would probably be redonk since the accounts that my server has become aware of now is almost 20k now.

@wakest I could probably try regenerating it just to see. Won't be able to today though

@jerry looks like you're one of the bigger points! (Middle left purple)

@SandPaper hey, that’s really cool!

@fdavidcl I wonder if I'm on there!

This is freaking awesome.
I'm going to use this in a presentation introducing Masto in Cambodia tomorrow if that's OK.

@johnweeks Of course! There are other visualizations here that may be of use as well:

@fdavidcl Aha, many thanks for the link!

Sniffing around at various live and scalable maps, (i.e. we'll see if I can entice people off FB and Birdsite. :)