Your name is LYNNNE SBIIAN. Your hobbies include MAKING EBOOKS BOTS, BEING A LESBIAN and SHITPOSTING. You think it's hilarious to make a PAINFULLY OUTDATED HOMESTUCK JOKE and spent an hour editing a COMEDIC PROFILE IMAGE for the occasion. You are NINE SWEEPS OLD and READY TO PARTY.

bune but it look like homestukc

@lynnesbian play the mastodon rap or else i want a refund.

Quickly retrieve rumble spheres from chest

@lynnesbian I don't get the reference but well done!

@CornishRepublicanArmy i was about to tell you what it was and then i realised that you're lucy

@lynnesbian uhhh... you can still tell me!

@lynnesbian I got that much, I mean like deeper than that

@lynnesbian you got a few of those huh? they look cute! I like the character. I'll read homestuck eventually... if just to get clout from Todd alone

@CornishRepublicanArmy @lynnesbian don't rope me into this

@lynnesbian this is a nightmare

@lynnesbian I dont get it

homer stuck

@lynnesbian like that bit in the simpsons when he gets trapped in the vending machines?

is nobody gonna point out that i made my tongue the exact same colour as aradia's lips


@lynnesbian you frenched her didn't you

@amy yes

@lynnesbian wait, we're all YOU now? 🤯

That's an M Night Shyamalan twist I didn't see coming... *eats popcorn*

@lynnesbian cute though

hot take but this troll is probably Leo focused

@lynnesbian lynne make me a troll

@zoe do you have an image for my program to gnu manipulate

@audrey @lynnesbian jbnawruhrawgbuhewHUHIIHJOIJOJIO me from last year is funny

@lynnesbian uh yeah hold on

@lynnesbian okay looking through the art i got it is all incredibly horny so i'l just send you a picrew


@zoe @lynnesbian just make a homestuck picrew lol ::::p

@audrey @lynnesbian absolutely not i'm going to have lynnne mspaint all over my dumb face

@zoe ur troll name will be Zzzzoe Nkhats

@lynnesbian no its Friend Cmputr

@lynnesbian candy corn doesn't seem like it would make for good ears but what do I know

@radicalrobit um its a homestukc reference, i wouldnt expect you to understand sewaty

@zoe zoe im sorry to say this but its not looking great so far

@lynnesbian thats fair

@lynnesbian > check mastodon

@lynnesbian [old man millennial voice] I'll have you know I do understand being stuck at home

@radicalrobit you cuold never under stand it on the level that John Eggbird does

@lynnesbian John is a ridiculous name for a bird still trapped in an egg.

@zoe oh god oh fuck

very bad trollsona for zoe

@lynnesbian @zoe oh my GOD

@lynnesbian @zoe smh lynne you can think of better horns for her

@audrey @zoe i cant fweaking draw

@zoe zoe no delete this insnatnt

@lynnesbian @zoe did that stop hussie? no!
his bigotry probably should have, but thats beside the point.

@audrey @zoe okay but hussie has a drawing tablet and art software and i have a ten year old laptop trackpad and gnu image manipulation 🅱️rogram

@lynnesbian @zoe the point is it doesnt matter if the art looks like shit

@audrey @zoe yeah i did kinda make her look like karkat huh

@lynnesbian @audrey i can do karkat if you want

@audrey @lynnesbian honestly i was expecting like, a big grey scribble over my face

@audrey @lynnesbian not as a doubt of lynne's skill, but just like. as an irony thing

@zoe @audrey no its completely fair of you to doubt my skill

@zoe @audrey id rather you do me

@lynnesbian @audrey no it's not

@lynnesbian @audrey wow ok 🛫

@lynnesbian just remembered that I configured this in

@kalium oh wow