Pleroma users will be like "Mastodon doesn't argue in good faith" and then you reply disagreeing to any of their posts and their reply is just slurs

@kaikatsu I keep telling you guys, Plemora is Nazi alt right software.

@pasture Your domain has a slur in it but ok buddy

@kaikatsu Whoa whoa whoa, I'm part of that minority group, so I'm allowed to use it.

@pasture Doubt it, I'm a gamer, you're probably just gamer-passing. What are you, like, an Animal Crossing fan?

@kaikatsu I play Super Monkey Ball too!

@pasture *opens door and steps aside* You're on the list. Come in, sir.

@pasture @kaikatsu what's a plemora

@ice @kaikatsu It's alt right Nazi software designed to disseminate problematic ideas. Never use it.

@pasture @kaikatsu i'm using it right now

@ice @kaikatsu I don't agree with you. That's it, your whole instance is blocked. Punch yourself in the face, you fascist Nazi.

@pasture @kaikatsu what's a nazi?

@ice @kaikatsu Someone I don't agree with

@pasture @kaikatsu i don't like pineapple on my pizza

@ice @pasture @kaikatsu Wait who unbanned you lol

@kaikatsu @kaikatsu feels comfy on this site of the fedi.

@ice Huh. I don't think they knew you were banned on purpose, but I'll honor it.
Take note of the new moderation and terms of service we'll be coming out with soon though.

@kaikatsu i hope new rules are more relaxed. but i think the site being hosted in france is cool. also i am starting to use the filter thing in settings.

@ice We plan to defederate as little as possible, but for accounts on this server, you'll need to abide by the ToS that me and @velartrill decide on. They'll probably get stricter, but you won't be defederated from or blocked server-wide (probably).

I'll probably reread them when I know it's changed. But I can understand things like using the nsfw toggle on stuff.