A picture of a person against a wall with the bit the sound comes out of pressed against their face, with another person holding the tuba. On the girl against the wall is text that says 'people using Ubuntu' and the one holding the tuba says 'people using arch'

Using arch, by tuba's way

@loki archlinux

@loki how come @sophia hasn't boosted this yet?

@loki good format

@loki so where does manjaro fit in this? ;-)

@loki Hmm... I'm using Arch and Ubuntu

@loki i confirm this and still use Ubuntu

Je le savais que le conservatoire était corrompu.

@loki I love Manjaro :3

@loki @tastytea I'm not sure what this pic wants to tell. Does it wanna say arch users are big bullys?

@VonBirne @tastytea it's saying that they're loud and in your face about it

@loki This is you and me @aearil.

Use both, tubes and Arch 😂

@Sylvhem @loki hahaha xD definitely! I'm still giggling ^^

@loki I just wanna know how Gentoo would factor into this picture...

@loki BTW I use arch

@loki as a Ubuntu user, I feel this is accurate