i. it is better to delete code than to write code.

ii. the more code software has, the worse it becomes.

iii. the best software is that which does not exist.

iv. merely good programmers solve problems. truly great programmers do not confront them in the first place.

v. the greatest programmer of all is the humble farmer who spends his days in hard and honest labor growing food for his family and people, who has never in his life heard of a computer, and never will

@velartrill I don’t remember from who the quote come from but “Today was my most efficient day since last decade, I deleted over 1000 lines of code”

@velartrill the last point really hits the nail on the head. what do we do after we wrote all the programs and there is no more programming to be done?

@fc one must not become so fixated upon the journey that he loses sight of the destination

@velartrill It brings me existential crisis.

@velartrill /Industrial Society and its Future/ by Theodore J. Kaczynski

@velartrill In the next five years I want to leave the digital marketing industry and become a farmer - no joke

@JoshuaRystedt i think just about everybody i know in tech wants to leave the industry and go off to farm or start a forest commune

@velartrill My wife is pretty gun ho about it. It's part of our five year plan. Looking forward to making some changes.

@JoshuaRystedt i wish you the best of luck! :)

@velartrill the delete button is good. All other keys are evil.

@JoshuaRystedt @velartrill waiting for corona-chan to kill off boomers so i can finally afford to have an off-grid homestead