FYI You can nest <details> tags within <ul> and vice versa to create a collapsible tree menu without JS or CSS


Whoa! I have been writing static pages for 10 years now... I have to try this out...

@cypnk I found what I looked for.

@cypnk huh. i had no idea!

@cypnk pssh but visiting websites like that will hardly drain my battery at _all_!

Also, I need a direct line to your brain. You have rather me so many things just in the past week...

@herag I have my moments ;)

BTW, this was from my current experiment in trying to create a little editor plugin for my blog script

Directory tree content editor preview

@cypnk Since when?

@dredmorbius For a little bit. It's part of the HTML5 spec now and most browsers, including mobiles support it

I'm using it to write a little editor plugin for my blog (also because I'm extremely lazy :P)

Directory tree content editor preview

@cypnk and if you're willing to use css, the sky's the limit http://ʞ.cc/irl/css-state

Testing out the page editor plugin for my blog. This is for static pages like about etc... Not the blog posts, but I may add that functionality later. I still prefer to write my posts in Mousepad with a bit of Markdown and HTML as needed

There's not a single line JavaScript here and only has the bare minimum CSS

Bare page creator form with tree view to the left and fields to the right. Form fields: Title, Body, Slug, and folder selector

@cypnk Sweet. Now /that's/ how it's supposed to be done!

@drwho Thanks! It just occurred to me I actually have to try hard to make something stylish. And trying hard is against my laziness principle 😂 Ironically that made it easier for me to use