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i am growing very tired of seeing this type of overtly genocidal "ha ha only ironic cant u take jokes bro" ego masturbation on the public tl that gets boosted here via similar UwU-fascist shitholes, whom apparently most of the lurkers on this instance follow by the hundred.

Maybe if gargron had listened 2 years ago when we explained at length this toxic buildup of data for the sake of HN growth hacking wankery was going to fuck the entire network up we wouldn't be at this point, but right now i am declaring burnout and looking for a better instance to be at.

sensitive media

honestly the only reason i'm here in the first place is because i'm an autistic social vampire and can't make myself enter any space unless i get explicitly invited to it

@flussence I felt like I had a similar problem when I hosted It was a smaller instance so I was able to delete the accounts I suspected were pulling weird posts to it. Think nulled would be a little harder to figure out because of the size, though.

Anyways, you can send reports and me or ami will look at it and deal with it (at least on the instance).

@flussence im sorrya bout this. please report these accounts. my life is tied up and so busy now I can barely do anything here anymore

I hvae honestly considered giving this instance to someone else

@flussence and I mean report the lurking accounts too, not only the awful accounts. I don't want people like this here. I will go through tonight and do a ban wave on acccounts thathaven't posted and just lurk

@flussence anyway this user has been banned and I do not see anyoen on following them

@amic god i'm so sorry. for what i've done here. this is a shitshow

none of this is your fault. you're trying your hardest. i can see that. i'm trying and i just keep fucking up and hurting myf riends

i'm just gonna shut the fuck up and log off for now

@flussence its okay you aren't huritng me

@flussence i hate to be that person, but i warned *all* of these fuckers. they don't care. all they care about is DAU metrics.

@kaniini it's fine i had to fight back the urge to post "kaniini was fucking right" for the 500th time anyway

@flussence it's fine, just keep blocking instances or something. since really that's the only way anyone can curate anything.

@flussence as i keep saying, automation is the only way to have any hope of staying ahead of the shitshow. yes, automation can go wrong, but automation can be a huge win when it's working properly. enabling that kind of automation was the whole point of MRF. too bad it wasn't fully realized.

@kaniini i have Opinions about how to fix this stuff but i'll keep it to myself as long as my brain's too fucked to write code

@flussence i'll come back to it after the current techbro interest levels burn out.

key points: reactive automation of moderation is important, and portable identity is far more important than "real" federation (or in other words, mike was right)