i hate how the rona is fucking up my friends' lives

i feel a little guilty over that tbh because this has easily been the best year of my life and it's only getting better. the rona has actually worked in our favor in many many ways.

also there are people i care about stuck in coronastan and i'm kinda terrified for their safety, whether from the virus, social and governmental collapse, the race riots, or god knows whatever is going to happen next. the New World is having a bad time

then again the entire rest of my existence was basically 26 years of uninterrupted pain and misery so maybe i shouldn't feel quite so bad about finally squeezing a bit of happiness out of this shitshow we call life

@velartrill yeah, don’t even. your friends should be happy for you.

i’ve lost count of the number of times people have attempted to guilt trip me for being happier than them in spite of the shit i’ve been through, especially online. don’t do this to yourself.