this woman is fucking nuts

"dudes say mean words to me Online sometimes im SO OPPRESSED"

chick is gonna freak when she finds out how men treat *each other* online, man

also what kind of sociopath calls her husband… well, not husband, these people are never married… but what kind of sociopath just refers to her partner as "Consort"?

bluechecks i swear to god

> consort
Okay this is epic

here's another story, because antifeminists can tell anecdotes too: i won't say i've never in my life as woman been treated poorly, or sexually harassed, or abused by men, because i have. but i can count those incidents on the fingers of one hand. i remember them vividly because of how starkly rare, bizarre, and unusual they were. i can remember many more incidents when male staff at stores went absurdly far out of their way to be helpful to me, when male bus and taxi drivers late at night took a concerted interest in getting me home safe, when the men around me, whether friends or total strangers, have stuck up for me, cared for me, and looked out for me. all the times i was taken more seriously than people with vastly more education and experience just because i'm a woman and they're not. in fact it all sort of blurs together because of how common and everyday things like that are. you've experienced this too, quinn, nearly every woman does, but you don't talk about it, because you're a brat who feels entitled to these things, and has probably never even thanked a stranger for helping you carry things at a store. no, you're the kind of person who goes on tirades at random working-class men when they make the mistake of opening the door for you. you're the kind of person who sees only the negative in life, and obsesses for years and years on end over the handful of times males have dared to get uppity with you, rather than seeing the good in anyone around you.

you are, in other words, a bitch. your common-law husband is a saint for putting up with your rants, lectures, and erratic, moody behavior. here's hoping you don't get it in your head to accuse him of rape and take all his money once you get bored of him.

(pro tip: when a woman starts complaining about how often she gets called a bitch and how triggered she is by it, that's a good sign that she's probably, you know, a bitch. because reasonable, consciencious, *normal* women who treat others around them like human beings worthy of respect do not often get called that except by stark raving mad homeless people who are living in an alternate universe after a lifetime of unimaginable trauma and should not be taken particularly seriously)

also pro tip: if you're a man and you end up on the receiving end of a lecture from a woman like this, do not sit there and indulge her. shut her down right away and make her understand how fucking good she has it compared to you. because it is the large-scale failure of men to do exactly that that has led to this whole mess in the first place

*especially* do not sit there and indulge her if you have any kind of sexual relationship with her because that kind of ridiculously submissive behavior is the fastest way on earth to make a woman disrespect you

@velartrill I get called an n-word faggot retard every day. Every 2 days? Step your game up, women.

also lllllmfaaaooooo at this clownshoe for immediately deciding that mainstream media going off on AOC has anything to do with ~muh misogyny~ right in the middle of the Era of Woke and not, you know, the fact that it's all run by bougie shits who are terrified of what she represents politically as a semi-serious popular socialist

(or the fact that she makes herself an easy target with her biden-grade gaffes)

i am so glad i left twitter. it's just one gigantic constantly-expanding galaxy brain. i need to stop clicking on those links


Yah, it may be a difficult proposition whenever I need to post a business related item, but one thing that really helps? I put and and (among a few other silos) into my filters so now I never see any of that here in the .

And really, fuck anybody that puts Twatter or InstaSPAM links in their posts (toots, whatev). I don't want to even see those posts from my friends that include trash from those ! Hehehe, and I don't 🖕🤡🖕

It takes a while for most to find their, for lack of a better term, , but the thing I've found that I love so much about the Fediverse isn't that it's or an of different kinds of and that are managed by average everyday like me...

It's that even though I end up engaging in either coherent or shitposting with people that I both like and dislike with mutual respect, but rather, that most folks are also and hackers, reassuringly tweaking and building and breaking and testing and almost universally, a body of folks that aren't overwhelmingly a bunch of God Damned - like over at Twatter and Faceplant.

I can haz ? 🍔