Um, what the hell is sshd MaxStartups?!
Is this like "kiddies get to lock the admin out of their own server by spamming it with login attempts" ?

@cjd yes

OMG 🤦‍♂️ who is responsible for this crap and how did it become default in Alpine?
@kaniini who do I blame for this ?

@cjd @wxcafe it became default in openssh. also please review my cjdns patch I sent months ago for seccomp time64.

@kaniini @wxcafe
Yes, will do, sorry about delay :S

@cjd @wxcafe in general to clarify we don't deviate the configuration that openssh ships. this does seem a bit surprising, we should at least document this change.

@kaniini @wxcafe
I have a laptop in the corner of the room and ended up unable to shell it, had to open it up and reboot which is annoying because it's in an awkward place. Could have been worse... Upped the value to 1000 and disabled ChallengeResponse auth which is probably what was attracting so much attention...

@cjd ... kind of, yeah.