what Pleroma needs is the ability for admins to add "fact checks" to posts. trust me, it'll be great.

@kaniini blobcatdisputed the greatness of this feature is disputed

disputed this post is lacking in factuality and should therefore not be taken seriously

@ivesen @kaniini just make an user extension, that lets anyone add shitty disputed texts for everyone akko_derp

instead of trolling people when they say clueless stuff, you can just "fact check" them instead. so deliciously passive-aggressive.

@kaniini wow, welcome back.

@kaniini (this needs to be fact checked)

@a1batross the level of welcome is disputed, i'm sure

@kaniini Couldn't this just be done with MRF?

@sjw sure, but i'm not dancing in this stream again

@kaniini disputed Learn about not trusting rabbits

@sjw @kaniini
blobcatdisputed Some or all of this post contains words. Find out why words are ablist.

@mewmew @kaniini

I’m already eagerly waiting for the time when Bleromer admins have to deal with parallel fact checks for “Vim is better than Emacs”, “Emacs is better than Vim”, and “Vim and Emacs boff suck. nano is tha best editta evar!!111!”

A bit like the one time when a (German) comedian quipped that it must suck to be a god and receive prayers from soccer fans who pray for the victory of “their” team.

@kaniini Why fact checking would be "passive-aggressive"? :(

@mouthyboy 5 minutes of reading Donald Trump's twitter profile should make that obvious.

@icedquinn @kaniini I'm allowed to be ablist

@Craftplacer @ivesen @kaniini

Or solve the fact checks in the style of Misskey’s reactions. nkoHehe

@kaniini Oh, indeed

@kaniini I could probably throw something together. It'd be mostly for memes tho.
To actually have it work after the post was made you'd have to use the Update activity which I don't think Pleroma supports.

this statement failed fact check 😁

@kaniini @Moon did this briefly, it was hilarious

@icedquinn @sjw @kaniini sorry sweatie thats debunked