anyway, looks like fediverse has somewhat chilled the fuck out. unfortunately, the majority of my friends still refuse to use it.

and, thankfully, i do not have to sysadmin this anymore. Pleroma 2.x is bloat :(

@kaniini Yay, Kaniini is back!

@sean probably not. within 10 minutes i saw some admin gripe meta thread.

@kaniini why do your friends refuse to use it? i don't know too much about the technical issues, but still it's a place i don't want to miss

@maximilia it varies between "too much drama" and "not enough drama"

@kaniini that's subjective and i respect it. however, in my opinion fedi's so "real". from my experience you only see how "great" life is on mainstream social media. that's a big issue

@kaniini @maximilia

Some people are simply unpleasable by design.

@domodak @maximilia

personally, I think people bring their bad habits from proprietary social media here and that behavior is more noticeable as a result.

but at large, the other main reason is "none of my friends are using it"

@kaniini @maximilia

but at large, the other main reason is โ€œnone of my friends are using itโ€

In the case of Mumble one can at least use the better latency as an argument. If not the most friends already migrated to Mumble.