transgender voice surgery, boosts ok
does anyone here have any experience with having their vocal cords surgically adjusted? if so, are you happy with the result? would you recommend it or no?

transgender voice surgery, boosts ok
some background: I have an average speaking pitch of about 140hz, and ive always spoken with prosody due to being autistic. I would like to land at about the 215hz range or so. vocal training is not sufficiently effective, have only raised my pitch about 15hz in a year and I'm getting annoyed with the lack of meaningful progress.

transgender voice surgery, boosts ok

@kaniini I went to a surgeon in Korea to have it done and while I’m happy with the result it was $12k on a credit card that I probably shouldn’t have spent. It was early in my transition and I was worried about my career being affected. If you have the money and the vocal dysphoria though it could be worth it. I picked the surgeon because he used a reversible technique with a permanent stitch. Sucked to have to not talk for a month after though

re: transgender voice surgery, boosts ok
@foxwitch vocal dysphoria is the strongest dysphoria i have at this point