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@simsa03 @6gain it's an html file that's attached. Pleroma doesn't support this

@fgaz i helped you

@velartrill wish i could name my as with some magnificent bullshit like this

@velartrill I don't remember, sadly. Maybe i'll find it again

@velartrill And it's not the bigger one I saw !

@velartrill @tk All my .txt now open in Windows's Notepad. I could change it, but I find that extremly funny so I kept it (as I rarely open by click, but just emacs/nvim in CLI)

@abc @administration Ha!! If you were banned you couldn't use your account at all. Yes, there was an issue with the medias -

@abc @administration what was your account? don't think anyone got banned.

huuuu i have some doubts, Scaleway

There's issues with Scaleway Object Storage, so uploads may be not working (retry, it should end up working after a while):

media which are still hosted by kaniini currently have an expired tls certificate, this should be fixed soon. in the meantime uploads won't work/display on p.s.

@simsa03 @kaikatsu @velartrill Are thoses statuses that you imported (by searching for it), or from accounts you already follow ? If you already follow them, they probably have already been in the TWKN, thus reposting them won't make it "bump"

@simsa03 @velartrill @kaikatsu I saw it— will work on this and report back to you ASAP :)

@simsa03 @kaniini I am the new one. The original admin team stays untouched, but some are inactive since a while. Look forward for a more formal announce in the coming week (cc @velartrill @kaikatsu)

@Skoll3 You're in the US ? First load is loading like, 500 emojis... the latency to FR may not help.

Gonna try to improve a bit caching at my frontend for the emojos too, may help a bit

@Skoll3 is that on the first page load, or overall ? The DB is stil hammerred a bit by catchback, I plan to re-run a full db vaccuum tomorrow, that could help too.

@velartrill doesn't kill -HUP inspircd or its ssld works (like on charybdis)?

@wemwem nice, i love computers

@wemwem did you login/logout? or just nothing and it worked again with no reason?

@wemwem yes!!!