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This is the information I feel confident sharing at the moment.
Form of address: Mister, he.

You know the thing in Futurama where the bureaucrats fly desks around to access enormous walls of filing cabinets?

Thatโ€™s a real thing!!! (!!!!!)

Behold The Central Social Institution of Prague. Itโ€™s apparently still in operation.

Desks that can be driven up and down and sideways to traverse a wall of filing cabinets.

They have a point, you know

With the rise of self-driving vehicles, it's only a matter of time until there's a country song where the guy's truck leaves him.

Late stage capitalism is a ton of fun, if you think about it

me: hi, I'd like to buy a Magic Bullet

Bed Bath and Beyond employee: ooh, looking to make some smoothies?

me: no, I need to kill a devil.

BB&B employee: [pulls lever disguised as a bed frame, secret door opens up to the "beyond" section] follow me.

1995: Computers are "anything machines". You can create music, write programs, do word processing, and network with anyone all over the world. And you can do them all simultaneously.

2019: In order to even think about using our web page you'll want to download the app onto your phone so we can track the living shit out of you and make sure you keep your full attention on US.

ME to universe: may i please have succor

UNIVERSE: to weather hard times?

ME: yeeesss

UNIVERSE: [reinforces that all things are temporary and always will be]

ME: [breathes carefully like a boss]

@Gina but there are. You may want to take a look at @freedomboxfndn or @yunohost

gentle subtoot

How much does the alternative cost? Because there might also be a scale problem, one person does not usually use an entire server for himself, especially for office stuff.

> An open-source Android/Desktop port of Civ V, Made with LibGDX on Android Studio

it definitely looks like it

How is it called?

media: what is it exactly about this "not being completely full of shit" concept that is drawing so many progressives toward bernie sanders and away from the candidates we've approved

1. Obtain two chickens
2. Name one "generative" and one "adversarial"
3. Put them in the same cage and provide light refreshments so they can network
4. Scatter some feed on a keyboard
5. Record the output

And critically,

6. Present this as a paper in the first and last AI Conference you'll ever be invited to.

people all over the world are wondering, "where are my bones who took them away from me in my sleep" and if you'll allow, i will be answering that question in this thread. but first we must go back to the beginning, and take a look at transgender medieval bees (1/26)


Matematica paga poco? Che a parte chi finisce nella ricerca o nell'insegnamento, รจ comunque una laurea STEM e matematica applicata dร  accesso a un sacco di professioni ricercate.

Me just waking up from surgery: so Doc how did it go?

Doc: we made various bug fixes and improvements

[1.Ch.] ContraPoints

Something Natalie says in her most recent video, "Canceling," is that most of her critics don't watch her videos; they take excerpts of transcripts and social media posts out of context and fit them into pre-existing narratives.

Of the people I've seen who led with "I watched the video," most seem to have agreed with her.

Of the people I've seen who led with doubts about Wynn, most said they hadn't watched the video.

Make of this what you will.

math question
I think it basically can't be simplified further. If you use a matrix library, it should have a low level implementation with good optimization.