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I am a saint in the church of Emacs.

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free/libre Software (I don't support "open-source"), GNU operating system (see, Books, Science, Chess, Knowledge, Nature.

I also do programming as a hobby (Learning).

I don't support discrimination of humans on the grounds of race, sex, appearence, heritage etc.

Finally thanks for reading my Bio.
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That’s why I don’t even bother calling GNU/Linux and call the whole system GNU as it is. Linux, the kernel is just any other piece software like Xorg and Latex which fill the GNU’s gaps.

Alpine Linux is not a GNU operating system/distribution nor are BSDs. If a system removed all GNU software, but most importantly not GNU C library ( which Linux the kernel needs to even work) it’s still GNU system. But Alpine uses BusyBox musl (the C library ) so it’s not GNU.

And only GNU operating system talks about user freedom, other systems(except HyperbolaBSD) don’t have a policy, consequently add non free software in the form of firmware.


Interesting perspective on Emacs.

"Emacs is the only serious program I know which manages to be truely user interface independent, in addition to being platform-independent."


What you say, you find use cases of an operating system is actually pragmatic ones.

There's no blind hatred towards corporations or their product (especially in this case of Mac(Apple) and Windows(Microsoft)), I have reasons to hate.. The tools these corps have developed are oppressive and are instruments of unjust power. Power of the corps over the users(used). And after that those oppressive tools are transferred to govt. for further oppression of its citizens and many many more injustices.

As corporations are not people/humans I have no problem hating them even if there were no justifiable reason (in reality there are).

If you feel sympathetic towards a phychopathic corporation, I am sorry for you, and would hope you had choosen the implicit 3rd option, which was _ignoring_ the post.



I believe deleting my Amazon account was most tough. There’s no appranet way to know that there’s no “delete” button in Amazon website.

I used a search engine to find their delete related page help page.

So basiclly to delete, you’ll have to call the customer sevice, they’ll send you a link via email, then you open that link, fill out a form and send it to amazon.

Then you’ll get another email asking you to call Customer serviece again.. Then you call, they send an OTP while talking.. You tell them the OTP and finally it gets deleted. And must remember to tell them that you want your phone number removed from their database too.

So it’s basically meant to discourage people from deleting their account.. Unless you are motivated to delete, you can’t. And it gets harder to delete over time.


Can archived and Compressed files(e.g., file.tar.gz) be encrypted with (i.e., by using )?

Does anyone know of good decentralized, preferably ActivityPub, alternitives to Gallery sites like FA? Preferably with a good furry community. I know of Media Goblin, but um... I'm struggling just to keep up right now due to finances so self-hosting is not ideal.

Have you been following online? We're particularly curious about today's talk entitled "Why Is Free Software Like a Player Piano?"
So according to Microsoft's represenative in Linux Foundation board of directors, Linux, the kernel's developers can't send plain text emails. And plain text emails are a entry barrier.

Linus Torvalds, the employer of Torvalds and their boosters at 3ZDNet would have us believe that GNU/Linux has nothing to it except a kernel; there’s a new “History Report” which is actually an insult to history #gnu #linux #torvalds

It seems Chromebooks are total crap. According to the article, after ChromeOS end of life, you are supposed to throw out that computer and buy a new #ChromeOS. Isn't this e-waste?

Today, at DeepRoot GNU/Linux, we complete 20 years of building, selling, supporting and advocating and /#Linux.

Please do visit the brief timeline we've published at:

I'm looking forward to using this occasion to discuss software freedom, self-hosting, building / running a free software business and so much more.

Shoutout to all of the hard work, much of it uncompensated, and all the people who did that work, so that I can share my insipid thoughts on a libre microblogging platform I'm running in a libre browser that's running in the libre windowing system of the libre desktop environment of my (mostly - fuggin' wifi cards) libre OS

After the Mozilla announcement next week, have you started migrating off of Firefox yet? Bonus, if you're migrating, for what you're migrating to in the replies.


I haven't been using Mozilla's firefox for a almost a year now.

Previously I have used #Firefox fork called Abrowser. Currenly using #Iceweasel and #Icecat which are also firefox forks.

Banner Illustrations done for Do join FSF and support their much needed work for free software

Illustration Copyright © 2020 Free Software Foundation, Inc., licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

So, the Alt News mastodon instance is finally up, thanks to @abhas :-)

We will also be tooting from now on.

This is my personal account, the Alt News account will also be created shortly.

@redstarfish The fact that people heard "attention tokens" and thought that sounded like something to be involved in blows my mind.

The reality of #Brave Rewards and #BAT

"BAT currency earned by Brave Browser users and Brave publisher partners has to be withdrawn through the London-based "Uphold" online wallet service. The fees for withdrawing BAT from that service are currently ranging between 20 and 30 BAT. That works outto somewhere between $5.22 and $6.78 at the current exchange price of 0.2638 BAT/USD.

Loyal readers using the Brave Web Browser have donated a whopping 53.25 BAT worth about $14 at the current BAT exchange rate of about 0.2638 BAT/USD. That's payment for less than one hour of work over an entire year. Withdrawing those 53.25 BAT would cost us a 30 BAT fee - that's more than half of one years BAT donations and equivalent to about 8 USD. It is hard to argue that BAT donations are a realistic substitute for advertisement programs like Google AdSense."