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I am a dishwasher, cleaner, lavatory attendant. Late at night, when the restaurant crew has left, the latrine faerie and I sing dirty chorales.


Dan McLaughlin, "History Is on the Side of Republicans Filling a Supreme Court Vacancy in 2020"

[A good piece for all who think that a vacant SCOTUS seat can't or shouldn't be filled in an election year. Laws and norms seem to say otherwise.]

Melissa Heikkilä & Laura Kayali, "European mayors want Brussels’ help against Airbnb"

[As Airbnb has been classified as online platform, not as real estate company, EU can't regulate it properly. And to get its user data runs counter European privacy laws.]

Fascists are always lucky. Until the end. (Which is why they don't need competence; they run on ruthlessness, luck, and opportunity.)

Obviously, U.S. minority rule (GOP) and identity politics (abroad spectre) influence and enforce each other. Question is: What is the hen, what is the egg?

My God, Senator Schumer, just free your inner Harry Reid !!

When I hear Netanyahu's "Peace Through Strength" I hear "Strength Through Joy" from way erlier times. And perhaps the ruling Israeli Right doesn't see the historic irony and sadness involved: that becoming culpable is the way to become normal. By becoming self-consciously aggressive towards others Israel finally leaves older times behind and becomes a full-fledged normal country. It is this new normalcy the Netanyahu era will one time be remembered for.

And thus will be enshrined and consolidated the major factor driving the Conflict in the psychê of both people: The hate towards the other side that stems from the hate one feels of how much this other side was capable to force one to reduce and abandon one's own humanity in one's actions towards the other side. How much one lost humaneness by the actions of the other side.

And this defeat shows in the defiance and self-righteousness with which one declares one's actions not just as necessary but as ultimately benevolent—for both sides.

David Winner, "How the left enabled fascism"

(In case people still don't get the parallels between Thälmann in Germany 1932 and
Bernie Sanders in U.S. 2016, how the German KPD refused a unity front with the Social Democrats against the Nazis...)

Various circumstances must occur for fascism to take hold; that's why it occurs so rarely. But when they align, fascism is difficult to prevent.

Fascists never play by the rules, they ruthlessly abuse them. That's why fascism cannot be voted out, and that's why it needs to be stopped right in the beginning (2016) not later (2020).
Bernie Sanders is the Ernst Thälmann of the U.S. progressive/left politics.

This is what you get when in 2016 Bernie Sanders hands the White House to Trump. A third extreme conservative judge on the SCOTUS. I can't even describe how much I loathe Sanders & his "progressive" Children's Crusade. Rot in hell, Sanders !


I found these activities helpful when working 18 hours shifts in the banquet department of a big restaurant. No vices, though.

• Take several deep breaths. (Doable on site.)

• Try to get out the office or just walk to the window and aim your sight on the horizon or any larger distance. Let the eyes gaze for 20 seconds. (It reduces the pressure in the eyes and the muscles of the face, helps you calm down.)

• If you have a bathroom nearby: Wash your feet ! Seriously. Use cold water (no soap needed), wash the whole feet (toes, sole, up to the ankles). The centering effect is astounding. (Many nerves end in the sole, so their stimulation gets you re-balanced.)

Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund

Igor Moiseyev Ballet -- a brilliant company. How do you come up with such moves, not to mention dance them?

Over on YT I just read "Palestinian Choral Music". Only to recognize that it was "Palestrina Choral Music".

As you don't talk about loss of visual acuity but of exhaustion, I guess spending too much time in front of the screen may be the culprit. Having the eyes fixated at close distance can exhaust and strain them so perhaps try having your eyes wander in the distance once in a while or do some eye-relaxing exercises.


Anastasiia Fedorova (interview) & Michal Iwanovski (images), "Footsteps of history"

Are you thinking about a (more or less coherent) set of policy propsals or about a more adequately covering metaphor?

Green development, "New Deals", are mindless state solutions which will make things not better.
And instead of looking for future (tech.) fixes, we should look into the current possibilities and previous possibilities regarding maintaining and regenerating the environment/commons.

And Techno-Fixes are not a solution, while waiting for others is also not the solution.

Individualised solutions are too slow. A rebuild of society takes time, time that most probably is not available.
The so-called nutshell has a crack, a crack which poisons the core of a possible better future.

Small is beautiful vs re-imagine the damn whole thing.

I prefer to think and work on the later as i found out in the last couple of weeks.

Yep. Still thank you for this bit of ideas-related genealogy.
And I guess it's safe to assume on my part not to bother you with more XR-related stuff in the future? I surely don't want to litter your TL.

"woo-woo-ish later work"?
Lovelock already in the 1960s promoted this Malthusian stance?