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I am a dishwasher, cleaner, lavatory attendant. Late at night, when the restaurant crew has left, the latrine faerie and I sing dirty duets.


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The problem with “Hillary didn’t earn my vote” that many Bernie Sanders supporters upheld in 2016 is that it is a childish attitude devoid of any sense of responsibility for the polity. It’s been children, not grown-ups, who in 2016 enabled fascism in the U.S.

Indi Samarajiva, "The Power Of Being Useless"

[Very nice.]

Indi Samarajiva, “Take Turns! Don’t Fight! The Advice America Needs Right Now” .

« Politics is bound by norms, not laws. Politics makes the laws. Once the norm of taking turns is violated, it is broken. You need to fix it or it doesn’t work anymore. Breaking the rules become the new rules. Stupid fascism becomes smart fascism. You quickly go from regular elections to a forever disputed election to no elections at all. »

The failure of the U.S. American Left in 2016 which enabled Trump will have repercussions for decades to come.

And people really need to remember that it was the Bernie Sanders campaign and its supporters who in 2016 refused to join a unity front against fascism ("Hillary didn't earn my vote") and handed Trump the keys to the White House. Never forget!

Indi Samarajiva, “I Lived Through A Stupid Coup. America Is Having One Now”

[Written by someone who actually experienced a coup and its lasting impacts even as it was averted.]

« The tragic thing which you do not understand — which you cannot understand — is that you’ve already lost. You cannot know exactly what — that’s the nature of chaos — but know this. You will lose more than you can bear.

We lost our children, playing at church. We lost our friends, sitting down to brunch. Muslims lost their dignity and rights. Your Republicans have set forces into play they cannot possibly understand and certainly cannot control. And they don’t even want to. To them, chaos is a ladder.

This is the point. You have taken an orderly system balancing a whole lot of chaos and fucked with it. I don’t know how it’s going to explode, but I can promise you this. It’s going to explode.

This is precisely why we have elections, and why both sides accept the results. To keep the chaos at bay. The whole point is that you have a regular, ritual fight rather than fighting all the time. Once one side breaks ritual then you’re on the way to civil war. Once you break the rules then chaos ensues. What exactly happens? I don’t know. It’s chaos.

This year America had fascism on the ballot and nonwhite people mercifully said no. The fascists, however, are now saying fuck ballots. And enough of the population is like fuck yeah!

This is a major problem, and it won’t just go away on a technicality. I’m telling you, as someone that’s been there, you’ve already lost. It doesn’t matter if you get Trump out. He and the Republican Party are destroying trust in elections in general. This is catastrophic. You have no idea.


An illegitimate leader has got all the guns and 40% of your population is down to use them. And y’all got jokes.

What I can tell you — what anyone who’s experienced this can tell you — is that it’s going to be bad. I didn’t know that churches and hotels would blow up on Easter Sunday, but I know now. I’m trying to tell you in advance. You’ve opened up a Pandora’s box of instability. All kinds of demons come out.


There’s a ticking bomb at the heart of your democracy now. Your government, the very idea of governance is fatally wounded. Chaos has been planted at its heart. I don’t know what this chaos will grow into, but I can promise you this. It won’t be good. »

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Joseph Reagle & Jackie Koerner (eds.), Wikipedia @ 20 : Stories of an Incomplete Revolution (MIT Press 2020).

All chapters OA on


♪ Basia Bulat, "Tall Tall Shadow"

[Great live version.]

♪ Frazey Ford, "Done"

« And I am sorry
that you don't like your life
But I've fought for my own victories
and for the beauty in my life
My dog, my dog
takes nothing from you »

[Very nice live version.]

« What You Say vs. What I Hear: Covid-19 Edition »

♪ Guessous Majda Mária Trio, "Mavilim" .

[A blend of Hungarian, Turkish, and Moroccan folk songs.]

Thinking about climate (or: weather) retrospection (not: backcasting) — Can the quality of climate models (“forecasting”) be partially assessed by looking how good they are in “forcasting” climate situations of the past?

(“Backcasting” doesn’t apply here. In “backcasting” one assumes a certain “desired” future situation and then goes back in time to ascertain the steps necessary for the desired outcome to would have happened. That is not what I’m talking here. Likewise I’m not talking about methods and tools of the historical sciences — explaining today what has happened of yore.)

Predicting the past — it’s way more complex than predicting the future.

♪ Frazey Ford, "The Kids Are Having None Of It"

My God, I'm full of stars.


And this would be a heart's wish: Taking all my stuff, books, encyclopaedias, move to the countryside of Romania and set up a libaray.