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Security and shit. Mainly on

@superruserr Really strange.

@superruserr @hcs Tried to recreate the problem with to, but everything works here. Does it happen with other pleroma accounts from

@gme It's sad that stories like this are still a thing. I grew up Christian, and whilst I'm not the brightest diamond in the world, it did not take centuries to understand that something was wrong.

So a friend of mine got verbally attacked this weekend by a fundamental Christian. Thing is, this person seemed "normal" before this incident. My question is, what really goes through people's head when your beliefs (of which are not supported by science in any way) are worth attacking another person over?


It's funny, I started out watching Silicon Valley in 2014 and all the P2P based networking seemed to me like a pipe dream back then.

Today, after I finished watching the fourth episode of season 5, I joined another instance of pleroma.

What a time to be online!

@kaniini Nice, and the chat is really cool too.

It would be nice with following/mute/block sync between instances, without having to upload stuff. Are there implementations of this already?

Apart from being slightly inconvenient for uw/21:9 screen users, pleroma looks good.

@kaniini oh, a speaking bunny. Hi!